Studio Time

feeling very scared. I’ve a pretty big critic shouting my every move down at the moment.

okay good – so don’t try and make anything that’s ‘perfect’. Try to remember that this can be fun, this isn’t horrible work this is your work. This can be enjoyable.

I feel like the finished piece is just around the corner, only there’s a roadblock and a traffic jam and its raining heavily and I’m not wearing any shoes.


Go into studio and try pieces out as is so far-ish:

In my head there’s a structure, my instinct is that for today it may be best to ignore that and focus on getting to the truths that need to be told and getting the language and sentiment that I want to convey right. ‘Instinct’ – decision is based on the rationale that understanding intent and purpose is better at this stage that form and shape which in any case may need to be edited if I got that ‘right’ first and the intents then changed the requirements of the structure.

Stop over complicating. Stop worrying that its all empty and shit. Stop comparing yourself to others. Enjoy getting it ‘wrong’ – its called process. Tell your critic to shut up for a few hours – everything will be brilliant, even the stuff that you know is shit otherwise you won’t find what you need.

Try out the guitar.

Try out silences.

Try out everything.


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