Every Context

History of trains
Sounds of trains

Reasons for travelling
Travel writing
Leisure or Commute?
Outwards or Returning?

Social Situation of Trains
Silent body Acknowledgement conversations (shifting in your seat, responding to someone cross their legs in your peripheral vision, as they respond to you similarly)
Physical proximity to other travellers
Layout of carriages and systematic seat selling
Class and social standing of travellers
Frequency of ‘crisis’ situations: drunk football supporters, ‘hooligan’ teenagers, delays without communication, broken heating/cooling systems.

Sociology and Psychology – relating to how we ‘behave’ in given situations.
Philosophy – relating to concepts of ‘shared understanding’

Theatre – techniques, skills, styles
Presentation of research in performance
Direct use/manipulation of audience in theatre – audience theory, reception theory, breaking the 4th wall, etc
Who else is doing similar work in a similar style?
Storytelling, language and spoken word forms



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