Blackrod to York 30.12.10

tickets, anxiety, languages, types (many, many), conductors.

characters, reprieves, silent moments eg small versions of Tony. To do: make list, perform best ideas *

Who stands out? Who is worthy of an observation and study? What is it about deviations from the norm that makes them of interest? What do I/we learn about me/human behaviour by doing this?

* Blonde guy sat opposite on the table. Initially I’d sat next to him but his behaviour and the fact he was covered in animal fur made me nervous. I moved opposite, sitting next to an unassuming girl, not nearly as interesting as him, plugged into an ipod that didn’t even play at a volume level loud enough to disturb me.

He was nervous, anxious breathing deep. Agitated, dressed fairly well although covered in animal hair.
He bit his fingers, sighed and I wasn’t entirely sure if he wasn’t experiencing some sort of mental distress.

Aware that I’d moved seats, making muttering excuses about doing so to keep an eye on my luggage.

His ticket was on the table and it said Liverpool to Leeds, I took another glance at him and wondered if he was in withdrawal from drugs.
I decided from the way he was dressed and the fact he’d purchased a ticket, on display on the table this was unlikely to be the case, keen not to be too obvious and trigger any paranoia I made furtive glances and observations to note down once we departed Leeds.

He moved out of his seat to look down the train, clambering over my luggage, immediately he sat back down again, whatever journey he was investigating, not worth making. I apologised about my bags being in the way, he smiled spoke quickly, mumbling a response which seemed to indicate, ‘don’t worry about it’, but wasn’t even slightly clear, leading me to wonder if he had a physical or learning disability which would explain his behaviour.

I reached no firm conclusions.

He had two cans of cheap fizzy pop, the first was already empty when I boarded at Manchester Oxford Road, the second a can of Lemon Fanta with the 59p shop sticker on the side was drunk sometime after. Before Leeds both cans were grasped by a hand and squeezed like a stress ball making irritating clicking sounds of tin.

When he stood to leave he was wearing tracksuit bottoms, blue. Timberland boots relatively clean/new. A brown zip up cardigan/top made up of machine knitted and velour panels. A black scarf.
The side of his face bore the trace of red angry marks of distant acne and some stubble, as though it had been missed shaving. His complexion was very pale with milky bar kid blonde hair.

He took a red holdall off the train, with a foreign name on the side, possibly Nordic. I reframed him in my mind again.

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