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Train research notes

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travelling in the pub

I am choosing to read this book in the way I would read when travelling. Over a drink in a pub (well this pub is more familiar, but still foreign).

I have moved. My life has changed and travel is always a part of change. Out of necessity, maybe, I am becoming a tourist in my own city. Emotionally and because I need to make new friends – although quietly reading and writing puts ups walls – I can’t help but think of Croatia, the barman song! I wonder where those diaries are? it would be good to touch base with my travelling accounts. Travelling may mean more to me than trains – the relationships made on the road are vital, in the way Botton talks of the non-space allowing you to touch base with yourself.. like maybe I’m doing now, in the 3 legged mare on a monday evening.

Onion salad. A red herring?

Its like meeting the travelling Australian circus and running a bubble bath in their hotel room. It saying to kill a mockingbird (tonight) and then realising I meant cat on a hot tin roof.

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07.11.2010: Nottingham to York

On the train from Nottingham to York.
1437 to Liverpool, change at Sheffield

what are the best days/times/trains for research? Very few people of interest on this one!

Is the journey outwards more frutiful that the return journey?

Liminal. Lonely. Communication. Chance encounters. Human moments!

Ticket collectors and staff providing a show.

Trains as romantic – Brief encounters. Trains as journeys, as symbolic moments, of life journeys.

1510 can of Budweiser, £2.85

Rules, etiquettes, knowledges & languages of train journeys – what are they?

Some trains are about being alone. Some trains are about being together…. what makes these conditions? Probably a lack of ipod battery!


West Coast 44871 – I’m becoming a trainspotter!

Sheffield station offered two things; an old West Coast Steam engine, very long train – I need to go on one of these journeys – who are these people that journey for leisure, for remembrance of a bygone era?

Second was a poem on the side of Sheffield Hallam Uni, which I noticed whilst having a smoke waiting for a connection, “oh travellers from somewhere else, rising from Sheffield station….” who wrote it? why is it there? what other train inspired art is there? Graffiti springs to mind..!

The Poem is called, ‘What if?’ and is by Andrew Motion (who I met once) …..if it interests you click here

I asked if love still existed
Yes was the answer

But how? How can it be
surely you heart is bitter?

Yes, was still the answer

And yet I feel like the only person in the world.

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